Sukiyaki Restaurant IMA-ASA since 1880

Imaasa has served Sukiyaki more than 130 years since kicked off in 1880 as restaurant of Gyu-nabe; renamed Sukiyaki later.

Since Imaasa started, only A5 rank Japanese Black centering on Matsusaka beef has been provided as well as its special Warishita sauce and other sophisticated dishes. Also the chefs have kept the tradition of cooking. Decending Tokyo food culture, we’d like to spread culture of Sukiyaki to the world through the marriage of wine to it and Japanese Sake too. So it’s the mission for me not only to inherit but also to challenge to the future as 5th owner of Imaasa.

For this renewal open, Mr.KI-YAN (Hideki Kimura) painted wall for us. You will be facinated by his awesome painting “Wagyu & Grape”.

We’re going to deliver satisfaction and happiness to all of you. And we also will create better food culture for Japan.

The CEO of Imaasa Ltd.
Akira Fujimori
Akira Fujimori